Player Waiver Form - Spring 2020

To be completed by each participant.

I fully understand that the Winston-Salem Sports and Social Club (WSSSC), officials, or any sponsor will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or property damage. I hereby release and hold harmless the "WSSSC", its agents and employees from liability for any and all claims, damages and/ or injuries. I do not expect remuneration, either directly or indirectly for playing, but play for the pleasure and physical, mental, social and moral benefit I may derive therefrom. Further, the Player shall inspect, to his/her satisfaction, the playing surface and facilities prior to participating in each game, and his/her participation in each game shall be a waiver of any claim that the playing surface or facilities are defective or dangerous for purposes of the game. All players must be 21 yrs of age or older.

I have read the ABOVE statement along with the game rules and regulations.

Typing your full name in the box BELOW is equivalent to a handwritten signature