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The Worldwide Leader in Recreation Sports!

WSSSC is here to offer year-round sporting activities, as well as social events.

All WSSSC sports are co-ed and experience is NOT required!!! Most of us who play are either washed up high school athletes or wannabes who never got a chance to shine. You are bound to have at least a good time or at least a good time trying. Cost to play is determined by the entry fees required by the league in which we register our teams. Costs vary from sport to sport, so check the sport page you are interested in for additional information.

Social events will be held locally around town. These events are open to all members, not just those who play sports.

Membership is FREE. No obligation, no monthly fees, and no annual fees. The WSSSC is self-funding. What this means is that all expenses for sports and social events will come from league fees on an as needed basis. In other words, you pay as you play.

 Well, maybe not worldwide, but we have all of Winston-Salem & Kernersville covered.
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